ISO Registration

Five Steps of ISO Registration

Registration Procedure for ISO

Application To Certification Body

Business man needs to make an application as prescribed by ISO Certification body. The application must contain the rights and obligation of the businessmen.

Document Evaluation By Registrar

Now, registrar of certification body will evaluate the documents of quality manuals and other documents like policies and procedure which company is following in their organisation.

Inspection Or Audit In Company

Registrar will now conduct an onsite inspection, to check what all necessary changes are required in the company. If registrar observes anything not meeting with the requirement of ISO standards, it is the duty of the businessman to come out with an action plan to eliminate all the flaws of the company. The action plan needs to contain the list of all the tasks which are required to be performed.

Final Audit

The final audit is re-auditedfor the affected area because registrar cannot proceed until all the significant non-conformities gets verified.

Get ISO Certificate

When all the conformities are addressed, findings will be updated in the ISO reports, and certificate will be granted.

Surveillance Audits

Such audits will be performed from time to time with the aim to check whether a company is maintaining the ISO standards properly.

Benefits of getting ISO Certified

Boost Consumer Confidence

It increases the trust and confidence level of the users, when consumers see an international logo they tend to trust the product or service more.

Involvement Of Consumers

Consumers are involved for the way towards making and composing International Standards that are as wide as could reasonably be expected.

Broaden The Market

It helps in growth and expansion of business in international market.

Improves Staff Performance And Overall Productivity

Employees are motivated to follow the process that will help in maintaining quality and also proves helpful in quickly identifying and resolving the problem. QMS is a proper system that contains procedures, documents and also defines responsibilities, processes and objectives. It is a blueprint of all the requirements that SMM need to succeed.

Flesh out your Company’s Processes

ISO 9001 is fragmented without having a complete and defined business processes. It should also define measures to be taken for quality control and responsibilities of all the employees. Make sure that your QMS also guarantees on-time delivery and accurately reflect your system’s performance.

Reduce Waste and Improve Efficiency

The purpose of drafting an effective QMS is to keep an eye on preventive measures, so that wasteful problems can be avoided completely for the future. Certification helps in the process of continuous improvement so that you can always seek to reduce waste and improve efficiency.